DISKOTEKAH has always viewed music as a conduit for accessing a higher power! Especially electronic music, anything with a BPM structure. It allows us to tap into a mantra state with our bodies. When you are surrounded by people, your tribe, all moving in unison to a beat, reacting to peaks and drops at the same time, there is something undeniably spiritual that happens.

We have all experienced it at some stage in our lives, or at least anyone who has been to an electronic dance party can testify to the feeling of moving ones body amongst others, you start feeling the energy of those around you. It is that moment when you look up and catch someone staring directly at you. It is not that they are checking you out, it is more of an acknowledgment, a gesture, letting you know that they feel you!

There is a classic rave track by the dance band Faithless, titled “God is a DJ”, in which Maxi Jazz states “this is my church, this is where I heal my hurt”. For so long, people have used music to heal. I have experienced it myself. The best way to deal with loneliness, is to dance the blues away. The act of dance is a conjuring of connections. I was an awkward kid growing up with very few to no friends, none that really understood what I was going through at the time, but I always found sanctitude and love on the dance floor at a rave. Even when attending the raves underaged, if you needed to be in there, you got in there. The building anticipation as I walked up to the bouncer, hoping he would see my desire to express myself and that I needed this to face up to the mundane of everyday life, the sounds of muffled bass lines, obscured by the concrete walls of a derelict warehouse, walking up the stairs towards the dance floor as the muffled bass lines became clearer and the melody was introduced to my mental fray, stepping onto the dance floor full of freaks and fairies all making magic through physical movement as the music enveloped and bound us, this feeling, this is what gave me life. This was my church, this is where I healed my hurt!

Music is the escape from the reality we sometimes all need to leave behind. It can allow us the access into the fantasy of our minds. It is a portal into a world that makes our dreams seem clearer and more tangible. I challenge anyone to listen to the Fleetwood Mac, Rumours album or David Bowie’s, Heroes album and not be moved or transited into a realm of hope and optimism. It is important to discern between what is good music and what is manufactured for a buck. Music, like art, has the power to inspire fundamental changes within humanity. Think John Lennon’s “Imagine”, this song alone opened up the possibility of a world reimagined as something better, something hopeful and optimistic.

As a DJ, music has been the soundtrack to my life. I can attribute specific songs to specific moments in my history. Whether I was hearing these songs at the time or not, they have significance because of how they make me feel. Summer holidays sound like Kruder and Dorfmeister, Road trips sound like Pink Floyd and Lindstorm & Prins Thomas, Nicolas Jaar is the soundtrack for creative pursuits. Donna Summer, my absolute favourite songstress of all time, sounds like everything that is right with the world. Listen to her version of “State of Independence” and I promise you, this will turn your worst day around. You will want to find a lighter and wave it above your head from side to side as an expression of goodwill. In fact, what I like to do is find all of her live performances on youtube, line them up and create for myself a live concert of Donna Summer magic, after which “I feel love”.

Ultimately, music is the sound of our emotions, for me, as long as there is music, there is a reason. Diskotekah is a love letter to our tribe and we serenade with electronic beats.