Off the slopes of Table Mountain we’ve seen it all. From the powerful rains to wind accelerated fires scorching the earth, we can’t deny that we live amongst forces more powerful than us. As we explore this dynamic and the bold nurturing feminine energy within nature we also celebrate the skills of the talented local female designers who create a narrative between the elements of nature and design.

On the edge of Lion’s Head, burnt by the recent fires, Kat van Duinen’s  Strelitzia blouse literally bursts into magnificent flames against an otherwise blackened landscape, drawing inspiration from her range The New Now 20/21, inspired by bold colour and shapes in nature. Paired perfectly with this collection is Lorne’s striking statement earrings, creating graphic illuminating shapes that emulate the age old tradition of staring into a fire and becoming hypnotized by the mesmerizing flames.

À la une’s collection embodies the femininity, fluidity and movement of both wind and water. From beautiful washed out ocean blues to iconic white linen blowing in the wind, their range embodies a classic and iconic beauty. Lichen & Leaf’s graphic shaped earrings, made from polymer clay, are pressed and cut into beautiful shapes and colours. Playing in the wind like mobiles in washed-out tones, they capture a perfect harmony of earth playing in the wind.

Pichulik’s last two ranges celebrate a transendental mixture between mythology and ancient cultural wisdom. The beautiful shapes and materials echo influences of cultures and traditions from the past that were in touch with the earth, following the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons for guidance. The alchemy of materials and power of shapes, symbols and keepsakes are felt through these pieces, giving the wearer a window into a time we were more connected to everything.

Frances V.H and Leandi Mulder’s collaboration of beautiful mohair blankets and designs is inspired by the magical lines and textures of the arid landscape of the Karoo. The craft of mohair farming is a traditional relationship between man and nature. This handmade craft of hand weaving on a loom uses quality mohair in limited supply, making each design truly unique and precious, and promoting the focus on sustainability and preservation of this African heritage craft.

Asha Eleven’s collections embrace the new cycles of the earth, varying from the Winter Solstice to the awakening of new life in the Spring collection. The designs carry special details and personal touches like embroidered symbols on the back of dresses to beautiful multicolored tassels that have a hand made quality to them. In it’s story the brand carries special values of sustainability and working with small social empowerment groups to try and have a more positive impact on the planet through mindful manufacturing and consumption.

These are the conscious brands run by women that we are proud to feature and support.

DIRECTOR:  EMIL LIME  @thelimelife_

STYLIST: LYAL SEBA @lyalseba   @sixloveartistmanagement
HAIR & MAKE UP: @jessleclos_mua_hair   @sixloveartistmanagement
TEXT BY:  LYAL SEBA @lyalseba

NOELLE GRAOBE: @graobe_noelle
IRMA AUDE: @aude_irma 
Sinovuyo Nukani: @sinonukani @bossmodelsa