Prince Katlego Meko and Itumeleng Warren Meko best known as the Meko Brothers explain their journey being in the creative industry from difficult times but still being able to hold their heads above the water and how they emerged in the creative field.


Style is a form of self-expression to me which articulates my inner thoughts. Editorial fashion is all about breaking boundaries and finding the highest pinnacle of telling your story, which is something I’m totally in love with, Soft touches, attention to detail and a bit of feminism is how I love to tell my Narrative. I prefer the high end dramatised fashion but not losing focus on the perfection of the garment, also having my own fashion studio I’m able to create looks and take my time to perfect every creation until I’m satisfied. I’m also blessed with having a brother that is as creative so that helps drastically because two heads are always better then one.


I channel my style through feelings, surroundings and adding a bit of personality to the pot for the perfect recipe. Styling is more than just putting clothes together; you need to develop an inner relationship with one-self and be able to express all those wild thoughts, feelings and imagination to life.  I personally have a simple dresscode, you will never see me in any colour besides black but my work is totally opposite. I like to merge when it comes to styling, dramatic garments and loud colours, I’d describe my work as bold but understated, not too much but not to simple, I put the right balance to catch the eye. I have a very feminine dresscode style and I display that in my work, from accessories to garments. Like Kenzo Takada would say “Fashion is like food, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu “ you should always test the waters, always push the work to the edge, the best part about fashion is that your thoughts can never be wrong, if its right for you then go ahead with it. We’re not here to follow trends we are here to create the new and that’s why I love fashion and styling, I get to express how I feel through others. Expressing my art without even saying a word. Fashion is a language we all understand, fashion is my confidence, fashion is my life as well as my imperfections which makes my fashion perfect.

Kasi Vogue which means the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time in the township, and is soon to be one of the biggest movements of our century, where we provide a platform to tell our stories of where we come from using fashion and creative direction, we’ve learned alot from growing up on the streets. This concept fashion series will focus on the merge of modern photography and fashion infused together to explore a dynamic spectrum of idealism and identity of the culture the township has inherited through its people.

This journey will unfold the out-layers and the foundation cemented by the creatives that come before us, that have paved the way for us to nurture the skill and provoke awareness about the tales that lay within the soil and the grounds that we walk on. The narrative of our story is told through the focus of our lenses that capture the raw contrast that navigates through environmental barriers that have allowed fashion to dominate as a source of self-expression.

Often and most of the time we hear about the notorious lifestyle about the township which changes our views, perspective and judgement about the life that is lead in South African townships, this is what happens when we allow the outside world to narrate our stories. Kasi Vogue is a personal journey that has manifested drastically over the years, but now has come to life merely because we believe that we have a lot to share. We express the voices that echo through our subconscious, the feeling that invades our bodies with suspense and the irresistible urge to create that pounds through our hearts.

The mist of the dust that blinds us to the truth that is left untold, is exactly what we are meant to incorporate in our tales to highlight the fundamental structure of the history and the background of township creativity.  This journey not only represents us but also the people that lack the ability to express themselves because of financial barriers and the poverty. We try to eradicate this by providing a voice and telling the stories of all our people oppressed by physiological and the mental mindset, being judged for being different. We aim to eliminate the fear that has us drowning in our own thoughts, and evoking us from reaching our full potential. Kasi Vogue is for the people.