Nothing is permanent nothing is finished nothing is perfect

I show beauty without a face.
Something away from lust, an expression of the moment.

I believe in our strength, that we are capable of more. To free the mind and let the body create.

That a part of beauty is honesty.
Free from the bondage of restrictions. True creativity in a grainy silence.

Creating a new-old world.
With the absence of disturbances.

nothing is changeless nothing is flawless nothing is absolute

nothing is permanent

UKETAMO / acceptance to the core by Bruin Feskens (mrbrown)

Bruin Feskens (mrbrown) 1997 born in Amsterdam The Netherlands but he moved to Cape Town just after his 15th birthday. From a young age he was imaginative and visually orientated. He grew up in a creative family with his mother being a photographer, so he was always supported to develop creative interests instead of focussing on academic results.

Working in film first he had the privilege to fly to Latvia and work on set for a Disney+ tv series. Around then is when he knew it was time to create his own signature but now in photography, which came natural to him. He needed to make the images and stories of his mind a reality. But film had still been a good teacher because it is there where he learned to work the magic of light.

As for the following while he practiced and learned every day to improve his skills and self. Which made him a self taught artist. To mend what he knew from cinema with photography. He also learned that he suffers from a colourblindness. This forced him to look for another direction. Monochrome photography.
Little did he know that he would stumble upon his new life purpose.
His Ikigai. A Japanese ideology meaning ’finding joy in life through purpose’.

Always drawn to the subtleness in imagery he felt he was attracted to the beauty of the multicultural South Africa, himself originating from cold north western Europe but also feeling strongly inspired by Japanese culture and ideologies. With his work recognising beauty in humble simplicity, seeking spiritual richness over impulsivity.

Since then Bruin has had a cover story in Moevir Paris as well as a cover story with Marika magazine NYC. Selected in 2021 by Gup new talent in Amsterdam, and his brand-new 2022 collaboration with Gallery KieKieArt in Amsterdam. But most exciting is the upcoming group exhibition he will be a part of for the month of November at Youngblood on Bree in Cape Town. This will be his first show.