Beauty Editor Alice Coloriti on achieving clean, high-impact looks using minimal beauty products.

PREP & MOISTURISE: It’s vital to prepare your skin before you start applying make-up. It makes application easier and ensures a smooth and natural finish. When it comes to make-up, less is more and balance is everything.

THE PRODUCTS: I use @biodermaSA to clean the skin. It’s easy and compatible with all skin types. Then I apply a hydrating cream all over the face. I often use @biodermaSA as it’s super hydrating and doesn’t affect the makeup. I also like to apply a second layer of cream, avoiding the T-zone. I love @egyptianmagicsouthafrica. This cream/balm has been on the market since 1991 with a solid track record. It has twice the healing power for half the price of conventional skin creams and it’s made with 100% natural ingredients.

THE FOUNDATION: I never apply make-up on the bridge of the nose because it’s the most exposed part of the face. If you leave it free of make-up, the end result will be more natural.

THE PRODUCT: I’ve tried a lot of foundations but I always come back to @maccosmetics Face and Body Foundation. It has a super-light texture and you can layer it if you need heavier coverage.

COLOURFUL HIGHLIGHTER: I took inspiration from the colourful highlighter trend. It gives you a glow-inspired look without the look becoming too heavy. On dark skin, there’s an even bigger colour selection from which to choose. Apply the highlighter over the eyelid and all the way down to the cheekbone.

THE PRODUCTS: I used @nyxcosmetics_sa Pigments and then to intensify the pigment, I sprayed the brush with @maccosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ before applying the product.

GLITTER EYES OR LIPS: To apply glitter to highlight lips or eyes, you need a sticky base.

THE PRODUCTS: I use @Egyptianmagicsouthafrica, a healing skin cream made from bees wax, propolis and other all-natural ingredients. And for glitter, @nyxcosmetics_sa Face and Body Glitter. To get a clean, sharp line, use some tape to create the shape.

BODY ILLUMINATOR: I was inspired by Rihanna’s Body Lava Body Luminizer to create my own. Here’s how to make a homemade version.

THE PRODUCTS: You need a hydrating cream – I used @niveasouthafrica Body Cream, and then you can mix in some sparkly @nyxcosmetics_sa Pigments.