Theodore Afrika is a photographer who doesn’t like to be hemmed in by labels. When you hear his name, think of him as a brand; a creative who has a passion for art, music and dance, and who pours passion into his work. As a photographer in Cape Town, South Africa, he’s had to develop tunnel vision when it comes to his work. In a place that can be blinkered and racist, he has chosen to blur out the negatives and adjust his focus to the positives.

Theodore combines his love for portraiture photography with his love of self-expression. His approach to the craft is emotive and captivating. After working in the field for some time, he decided that freelancing was the way to go and not long after, he was signed up as a photographer at Hero Creative Management. His advice to aspiring photographers? ‘Don’t allow the distractions of the industry to draw you away from your passion and never limit yourself. It’s easy for someone to colour in a drawing, but not everyone can stay between the lines – and they shouldn’t either.’


‘I specifically love taking portraits. I enjoy telling a story using the subject and the surrounding scenery.’