Forth-moving, always pushing; our progression is imminent.
Luke Ncube encapsulates the moments in between; reminding us of the beauty in the now, in the here;
before we leap into our next steps.

Luke Ncube

As young creatives in a content driven world; we are in this never ending cycle of trying to produce meaningful work, as well as stay relevant or seen. A repetitive conflict; do I make content, or do I make art?
The difference is clear, when you ask yourself who you are creating for.

We are ambitious, we are insecure, which is why we are always reaching for more. Which is why we only feel productive when creating. And why that energy turns anxious, or restless, when a project comes to a close. What’s next?

Luke Ncube
Luke Ncube
Luke Ncube

There is a stillness in this selection of Luke’s work. A natural, and grounded, tenderness. His style gives off ‘soft-raw’.
As if it is just after something has ended, or just before something fresh has begun. I believe these moments are crucial elements to the creative process. The time where we allow our creations to simmer in front of us.
A time to reflect on our personal experience of making something.

How did I feel when this was just a concept?
How did I feel when I got stuck?
How did I feel when I could see the end product in sight?

Let’s see ourselves as Luke; looking at a complete image. At the product of idea, effort and execution.

How do I feel now that this is complete? Am I still connected to it?
What part of this was for me?

Luke Ncube
Luke Ncube

You are the creator.

If you are in a space where your passion is overflowing, or your creative mind is pre-heated and set to grill;
hold onto that – this is your power. Although, just as you practice gratitude for new work coming in, and new ideas that flow;
carry that grace through to yourself.
Allow yourself a moment to breathe in what you have done. You are the main character; allow yourself multiple monologues.

Yes, forward is the desired motion. And yes, you need to keep up momentum to make it there.

But, we are here for now.

Luke Ncube
Luke Ncube
Luke Ncube

Meet Luke Ncube.

He’s 21, Johannesburg born, and speaking to the world through his lens.

Photography was not always in focus for Luke. He had a passion for it, but recalls seeing the practice as something too expensive to achieve. We think professional photographer and we picture top shelf gear, the newest software, and formal training.
These are not the necessary steps to get started; the crucial step is starting.

Luke’s perspective shifted when he discovered his first camera. The setting was a thrift store, and he zoomed in on a point and shoot. This is what brought photography into his reach, he still takes snaps on it sometimes.


What Does Luke See?

A love for exploring new places and engaging with different people has steered his subject matter towards street photography, and portraiture. He is also recently making moves into the fashion sphere.

Luke Ncube
Luke Ncube

What Inspires Luke?

A self-proclaimed product of his environment; he believes that he ideates through experiences of his surroundings;
people and places as constant teachers and muses for his work.
“There’s a lot that I see in my daily interactions, and I feel like it is too good for the rest of world to not see.”


What Excites Luke?

Ncube expresses that he is most captivated by the progression of an idea into a captured moment;
“I’m really interested in the planning process more than anything, the thought of having an idea, picturing an image,
and being successful with the final image; is what really fascinates me.”


Where Do We Find Luke?